Thursday, July 31, 2008

Maybe I do have an exciting life

i was having lunch with some co-workers at Katsuya. it's this AMAZING sushi restaurant in Studio City. now, for those of you that don't like sushi trust me, you'd like it here. for those of you that have visited and are wondering "why have i never heard of this place? why did you not offer to take me there?"

good question. it is, however, a little on the fancy side. not in decor or atmosphere but in price alone. but believe me, it's worth it. it's a nice little treat every now and then.

but i digress.

back to my fancy life.

while Katsuya is NOT fancy. my life is fancy.

and so are my friends.

that's my cup there /\

you know how you go to a restaurant with more than four people and they ask you "would it be ok if we put you at tables beside each other?" you really want to sit together but you are also REALLY HUNGRY and really want to eat so you say "sure, that's fine"

well, my good friends Bret and Jemaine (you might know them as flight of the conchords) desperately wanted to go to lunch with me and my co-workers (like i said, i'm fancy)

why aren't we sitting with them you ask?

like i said, we were too hungry to wait

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

my exciting CA life

i hang out with my friends quite a bit. i also house sit quite a bit, so my friends get to reap the benefits of my house sitting ventures. on this particular afternoon, i was house sitting (yet again) and had the boys over (the boys are usually Eric *the roommate*, Jody *the bff*, and Matt *Jody's roommate*).

now, i know it must seem as if i lead a terribly exciting life, but the truth of the matter is that i don't.

sometimes my friends and i are hard pressed to find fun things to do which means sometimes we have to get inventive. luckily, most of us are in the "business" which means we have creativity oozing out of us at all times so you can imagine the things we come up with when we get bored!

i can tell you're intrigued so i'm prepared to show you.

yeah, we actually spent the better part of that afternoon trying to get all three of them on that boogie board. did you see the concentration?

yeah, this is all we could come up with.
yeah, i went to film school.
yeah, it IS a little sad.
don't you just want to come visit now?
i think i still have the boogie board.
any takers?

Monday, July 28, 2008

My Weekend Part Deux - Sunday

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

So being the awesome friend that i am, i went to cheer on Jody for his last softball game of the season.

check out that form ..

by the way, he plays on a team with a bunch of actors. they aren't very good. this was the last game of the season and they were 1 - 9 going in. however, the team is filled with a bunch of comedic actors so they DO have the funniest team in the league. some w/ very recognizable faces.

after a hard fought battle (they were playing a team of 40 - 50 year olds who were either wearing knee braces or limping violently)

they finally won by 6 runs, finishing their season 2 - 9.

which leads us to ..

last game of the season BBQ

hamburgers, hotdogs, tri tip, bagel, fried egg

yes, fried eggs
we get a little fancy sometimes ...

did i mention, the BBQ was poolside?

after a long day in the sun ( i have the BEST farmer's tan! ), i finally finished my day back at the house playing ..

you guessed it.
2 and a HALF hours of

yeah, i'm sure it looked something like that.

My Weekend - Saturday

I had a very eventful weekend.
So eventful that in order to share it all, I'm going to post Saturday and Sunday separately

First, I was called upon by one of my engineers to house sit this weekend. He trusts me implicitly :)
He also has two dogs that need to be taken care of and as I am the seasoned professional (going on 4 years now as the utmost authority on professional pet care assistance) he chooses me to take care of his four legged friends.

Look at him ..

His name is Willie. Please don't be fooled by his innocent expression -- he's part Pit Bull part Doberman. VICIOUS. I'm kidding. He thinks he's a lap dog.

This is the house .. well, part of the backyard that i was sitting for .. very nice

Saturday I chose to play DDR ..
Now, for those of you that do not know. DDR is Dance Dance Revolution. You may have seen the kids play this in arcades. I own the home version. I don't play it often because I live on the second floor of my complex and my downstairs neighbors probably wouldn't like it that much.

Still curious? So, I didn't take pics of me on Saturday but I do have this lovely footage from Los Angeles, Thanksgiving, 2006

Yes, that's Ryan and my friend Jannea. Lindsey and I were taking breathers at the time. We're playing at another house I was house sitting at. Actually, it was the sister of the guy I was house sitting for this weekend. They all love me.

So imagine two hours straight of doing that.
Quite the workout.

I then showered and met up w/ my friends to go see a movie.


If you're a fan of Will Ferrell I suggest this movie. It's much better than Talladega Nights.

And that concludes my Saturday. Just wait til SUNDAY!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Stuck in the Middle

ok, so i named this blog middle child syndrome because i thought it was cool. and yes, i do have a degree in psychology, but i still did an internet search to refresh my memory on what the middle child syndrome entails.

in case you're wondering. i don't have it. here's a few reasons why.

according to some random internet sites that are probably completely inaccurate ...

I am what is known as a 66. since 2 of the three of us are both female, we make up 66% of the gender ratio. these people are so creative.

(nicole, in case you're wondering, G-Mak is what is known as a Carnie Bird -- that's much cooler than 66)

The long and short of it ..
apparently, i'm ignored, feel like i'm not the favorite, detest the limelight, am not an overachiever and a bunch of other crappy stuff.

on the contrary, i'm never ignored, have always been the favorite of not only my parents but of both siblings, am ok with everyone looking at me, am positively immaculate at everything i try and a whole bunch more wonderful things.

i'm really glad i looked that up!

anyway, the title will stay because i don't feel like changing it.
so, i'm writing a blog for a couple of reasons.

i live far away from my family so it will be good for the kids to see pics of me so they remember what i look like

this will make my mother feel like she can "look in" on me

both nicole and ryan have one so i want one too!

and now for the obligatory picture:

yup, i'm the one in the middle ...