Wednesday, April 8, 2009


so i've been in CA for six years now, struggling to find my way amongst the masses. fighting for every inch of success i've obtained. and what do you know?

chloe has been out here for less than six months and she's already hit the big time.

my dog is famous

click here and check out picture 6 of 95. yes, that's chloe. she is now a part of the cookies and water photography gallery.

my friend Sabrina is an amazing photographer and owns Cookies and Water Photography and Milk and Cookies Photography

i was over at her house the other weekend and she snapped a few shots of my little pup:






and yes, that's me blurred in the background.

she really is an amazing photographer - if any of you would like to get in touch w/ her i will let her know. and who knows .. if i like you enough, i might even put in a good word for you on the discount front :)