Friday, June 26, 2009

Do You Believe in Magic?

a couple of weekends ago my friends and i decided to take a day trip. you see, tj just turned 30 in may and has never ridden a roller coaster. and in california, there's only one place you go to experience the sweet freedom of hurling thru space and time at speeds too great to even mention.

actually, we're all just desperately trying to hold on to our youth since almost the whole lot of us are at least 30 now.

so we all piled into jody's soccer mom car and headed up to Magic Mountain:

we were there right for the opening of the gates so that we could go to X2 first. X2 is by far the most popular roller coaster in the park and one of the most intense in the entire country. and unfortunately, tj was going to get his first taste on this bad boy (the sounds and music you hear are from the roller coaster - it plays music while you are on it):

yes, the seats on this roller coaster spin as you go along the track. you start up the hill going backwards and as you hit that first drop it flips you over and keeps flipping with each twist, turn, and hill. crazy stuff.

we figured if he could conquer X2 everything else would be pie.

he was fine.

we spent the majority of our day trying to hit the 16 (i think) roller coasters.

this is one of my favorites. colossus - it's an old wooden roller coaster. actually, it's the wooden coaster chevy chase and family rode in national lampoon's vacation!

it's me and tj in front and jody and dave behind us.

eric and dave

the riddler - this is a stand up coaster

entrance to goliath

fun waiting in line

still waiting

fun w/ animals

fun w/ characters

at one point, tj and i finished a coaster first and so i took him on the pirate ship - if you listen - tj starts making fun of how "scary" the ride is and at the end of the video as the ship gets to the highest point you can hear him go "woah" because at this point he actually was scared . . . such a baby.

you're going to have to turn your head to watch:

post pirate ship

and then tj, eric, and i went on the log flume while everyone else hit X2 again.

after 10 hours of walking around the park, we headed out and caught this lovely sunset over colossus, superman, and goliath.

it was a good day :)