Thursday, December 4, 2008

welcome to the jungle

so i went out this evening to see my friend's band play. i really didn't want to go at first but they were going on at a decent hour and it was at this really small irish pub and everyone else was going so i decided to join in on the fun.

i'm very happy i decided to go. not only were they amazing but my friend has an absolutely amazing voice.

oh yeah, and they also had a surprise guest play with them on the last 2 songs.

i know you're just dying to know who it was.
just look to the right of the lead singer.

can't tell?

how about now?

oh yeah, that's Slash.

and i, i was literally about 10 feet away.


mark another one off for jen and her fancy life.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

sammy davis jr. only had one eye

turkey for the girls and turkey for the boys ...

i had my usual thanksgiving celebrations with the kids again this year. who are the kids you ask? this year it consisted of jody, tj, matt, dave, eric and my precious little chloe who enjoyed licking things off the kitchen floor.

now i know you're wondering why i oft refer to this motley crew as "the kids"

it's simply because they act like children.

for example, they wake up excited on the morning of a holiday:

they pace back and forth asking "is it ready yet?" and when you finally give them the 10 minute warning they get all happy:

they all have to have their picture taken while carving the turkey:

oh yes and then they pout if somebody gets to carve the turkey before they do:

and THEN they have to have their picture taken AGAIN but this time there has to be 2 people in the picture:

and you endure all this because once you let them get food ..

they immediately shut up

but truth be told..
they all make for a very fun thanksgiving!

and they even do dishes!!