Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Dear Chloe ...

Little Miss Thang turned ... I think 5. Honestly, I have no idea how old she is. Her papers say one thing, Ryan says another. Anyway, I would have missed her birthday completely had it not been for her wonderful insurance company. They sent her a birthday card - it was even addressed to her. Pretty funny.

So, today we went out and did a little birthday shopping. I bought her a new collar and ordered her a new ID tag.

She also got some squeaky squirrels

And a birthday cupcake!

They kind of got squished on the ride home. The one on the left is a bone shaped sandwich cookie. The one on the right is her cupcake.

Yeah, we found a dog bakery.

You have no idea the amount of restraint she is showing. She wanted to dive into those things so badly.

When I let her have at it - it was over quickly

Yeah, that's the only pic I could get.