Sunday, November 7, 2010

California Dreamin ...

I finally found the cord for my camera so I was able to get all the pics and videos off. Now everyone out there in interweb land can see what we've been doing for the last month or two.

In September we went and saw "Walking With the Dinosaurs Live"- I was able to get TJ and myself really good, really cheap tickets to the live show of the popular BBC program.

In the show, an "archaeologist" introduces you to all sorts of different dinosaurs. And they are life size and they move.


This is a mother T-Rex defending her baby.

This one was pretty cool. It's a brachiosauras and it's just a baby. When it would stretch its head up it actually was in the rafters of the ceiling. And that's the Staples Center (you know, where the Lakers play) so it was really, really big.

And now for the video.

It was honestly very amazing. When the dinosaurs would roar it would vibrate your whole body. Especially when the T-Rex would do it. Excellent times.

Then in October, we went camping.

Beautiful Northern California!

We went with our friends Sabrina and Joseph (who somehow managed to escape being photographed the entire weekend) to Montana de Oro near Morro Bay. It's just south of Monterey and what I consider to be the beautiful part of California.

Chloe loves the camping. It was muddy when we woke up Saturday morning so I made her eat her breakfast on the picnic table.

Our camp site.

And for November, we went to Disneyland. You see, back in February we did some volunteer work. We donated our time to help clean up Dockweiler beach.

And because we did, Disney gave us 2 free tickets to the park of our choice.

And today, we finally cashed in our free tickets. It was a pretty near perfect day to go. The park wasn't that crowded - lines were around the 25 minute mark, the weather was crisp and clear and we both got to wear 2 cool giant buttons. My 2 were "Happy Birthday Jennifer" (which meant that every cast member and person in the park shouted out my name and Happy Birthday) and "Honorary Volunteer" and TJ's were "1st Visit" and also "Honorary Volunteer".

Upon entering, we caught sight of Sleeping Beauty's Castle which is already decorated for Christmas.

And some Disney chick named Selena Gomez was performing live in front of it for the ABC Very Merry Disney Christmas special (they tape it in November and air it in December) Apparently she is very, very popular with the children folk which played to our advantage. As the little children were running and screaming toward Selena Gomez, TJ and I quickly and efficiently made our way to:


Then on to Buzz Lightyear

I scored 159,000 and change. TJ got 15,000.

Thank you Call of Duty :)

Then it was off to Fantasyland.

A little Snow White

Some Pinocchio

One too many pictures at the Mad Hatters

Then TJ tried to convince me he was a King or something.

No such luck.

Then it was off to the Matterhorn

Oh but the fun doesn't stop there.

We hit Thundermountain Railroad.

Took a quick pause for a photo op with Tom Sawyer's Island

Splashed down a Mountain

Saw some pirates, went on an adventure with Indiana Jones, ate some Dole Whip, bought some candy, and made it out of the park all before sunset.

Twas a Magical Day indeed.

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stay davies said...

In all my years of living in Los Angeles, I never went to Disneyland. In our year + of living in Orlando, I went to DisneyWorld.

SO FUN!!!! I hear it is even more SPACE-tacular around Christmastime!